As international and immigrant student workers, we deserve and will fight for decent working and living conditions.


We are a group of international and immigrant student workers across the United States committed to fighting for the rights and advocating for the interests of student workers who do not have the protections afforded by US citizenship, including those holding student visas, refugee or asylum status, or DACA/TPS status. We aim to secure improved work conditions and protections from discrimination by establishing networks of solidarity across campuses and student worker unions.


We often share information with each other about organizing tactics, university policies, immigration news, legal info, etc. as well as resources such as templates or RSVP-based events.

We write statements and petitions related to international student issues.

We provide information through social media channels to international students.

We organize informational events on issues such as student worker organizing tactics and the pandemic’s effects on visas.


As we grow in strength and number: things that help to advance immigration justice in higher education!